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About Us is an online digital tool to help consumers in India who value fresh food and goods sourced from local Kisans (Farmers). This portal has been developed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of consumers in search of quality farmers and also to create visibility of those Kisans who are producing quality Agro Products.

Are you interested in where your food comes from? Do you want to support our Indian Kisan

Well if you answered yes, then you have come to the right place! Here at we aim to connect you directly to the best locally grown and made produce from real farmers who are passionate about what they do! is a digital marketplace which ensures high quality food products to be delivered at your door step. is developed to bring Indian farmers and producers together with their buyers, allowing customers to buy direct from the person who grows or makes the product.

Here at we are changing the way Indians think about their groceries.

Benefits of

 Support Local Farmers / Kisan

 Farmers can reach both local and International customers

 Opportunity to farmers for Strategic alliances and partnerships

 Good return on investment for farmers

 Save Time and Money on your groceries

 Remove dependency on Middleman

 Reduce wastage on good produced

 Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

 Support the Make in India concept

 When you buy directly from the farmer, indirectly you get to know more about farming

 Farmers can expand from traditional market beyond their original boundaries and thus increase sales volume

 You get to buy freshest and best product direct from the Kisan who grew or created the product