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Red Amaranth is a tall annual herb topped with clusters of dark pink flowers. The plant can grow up to 6 ft tall in height, and blooms in summer to fall. Stems are erect, green or reddish purple, branched distally, mostly in inflorescence, to nearly simple. Leaves are carried on stalks half as long as, or equaling the blade. Blade is rhombic-ovate or ovate to broadly lance shaped, 3-15 × 1.5-10 cm, occasionally larger in robust plants, margins entire.

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The young leaves are often used in Asian dishes and can be included in salad mixes. After harvesting of fenugreek it bounded in ‘Judi’ and packed in cloth or netted bags or put in bamboo baskets After the seeds have matured, uproot the plants and hang to dry. When seeds are completely dry, thresh and separate them. Red Amaranthus has sold for distant as well as for local markets.

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